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Free Ride

From Bike Collectives Wiki
Free Ride
Founded 2001
Location Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Services Offered
Mission Statement The mission of Free Ride Bicycle Project is to enable people of all ages to obtain, recycle and maintain bicycles. Free Ride Bicycle Project aims to enhance the health of our community and environment by promoting bicycle transportation.

Free Ride Bicycle Project's core goals, principals, and values are: (a) to strive to operate in the most directly democratic and minimally hierarchical way possible; (b) to be respectful of all people; (c) to be supported and operated by the community of people who use it; (d) to respect and encourage all shop visitors to learn regardless of their experience level or background; and (e) for all participants to benefit from, and in return, give back to the Free Ride Bicycle Project community in some way.

Contact Info

214 N. Lexington St, Pittsburgh, PA 15208 Phone = 412-731-2474


We started in someone's basement, moved around over the years, have been in various corners of a reuse-friendly warehouse lately, and are lately going strong as our own nonprofit, while helping to seed other local community bike shops. Oh yeah, and we hosted Bike Bike in 2007!

Services Offered

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