Freewheelers Bicycle Workshop

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Mission Statement

Freewheelers Bicycle Workshop
Founded 2011
Dissolved 2013
Location Lancaster, England

Freewheelers Bicycle Workshop is ... Love your bicycle at Freewheelers Bicyle Workshop, a workers co-op! Leave the internet and come to the workshop!;-)

At Freewheelers Bicycle Workshop we're passionate about cycling and the role that it can play in creating healthier, safer, more pleasant and greener communities.

We believe that access to a well maintained bicycle is key to keeping people cycling and necessary to make cycling pleasurable and sustainable. So, we offer a range of different services to support people in maintaining their bicycles.

Contact Info

They were located at 17A Denis Street Lancaster, UK


Women's co-op. Lasted about a year and a half.

Services Offered

Repairs, maintenance courses, secondhand bikes. citation