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From Bike Collectives Wiki
So you've got access to some of the resources in the "who has access to what" document and you're wondering what to do with them.  Here's what they're for.



Communication Tools

This Google Doc has more info about the announcement tools listed below. Check it out if you need to:

  • send an announcement
  • ask a question
  • get in touch with large groups of people

EMAIL announcements

Open Collective Foundation (2022-present)

* Note: OCF requires end-of-year status update posts, too. I think maybe another annual update, too.

ThinkTank (2021-present)

Buttondown (2021-present)

Buttondown has email sub-lists (2021 only)

We sent email to attendees with this system in 2021

  • ended up in spam
  • emails took 5 days to send to everyone

POSTING announcements (2021-present)

This is the main website for the event.

  • You can edit it in three languages (English, Spanish, French)

The Wiki (2021-present)

You're on it!

  • This is also where the event schedule gets posted.

Instagram (2022-present)

Facebook (2023?)

  • Post to the Facebook group with a bunch of people in it

Open Collective Foundation (2022-present)

* Note: OCF requires end-of-year status update posts, too. I think maybe another annual update, too.

Event resources

for planners

for presenters

online-specific resources

originally in-person resources

Language Justice:

Resource list from Antena LA (now defunct, but they organized interpretation at B!B!LA & B!B!TJ, and former Antena members are still helping with Language Justice for B!B!E!)

emails from previous years


Emails to presenters: 06 October 2021

Hello and thank you to everyone who offered to do a workshop and/or facilitate!

Please complete this Doodle Poll by the end of the week. We need this information to build a schedule. Please note that there are a LOT of options on the poll. Scroll to the right, and then scroll some more to see them all. Please list your COMPLETE availability, we are dealing with international time zones here.

Thanks again!

19 October 2021

¡Hola, hi!

angé here, part of the team organizing language related topics for Bike! Bike! Everywhere! Below you'll find a couple of important questions regarding interpretation, translations, etc.

For B!B!E! we've energized ourselved centering language justice. "Language justice" (lj) referes to a serie of ideas/practices for organizing equitable bilingual/multilingual spaces where no language dominates over another, where we all feel welcome to communicate in the language(s) we prefer or are comfortable in, where we use tools such as interpretation and translation. The compas of the (former) collective Antena Aire beautifully describe,

"Language impacts us on a multiplicity of levels. It is a phenomenon that is both intimate and exterior, both familial and cultural, deeply connected to our most private thoughts and on display in all manner of public contexts. We dream in language, we sing in language, we think in language. It is language that makes our lullabies, our stories, our jokes. We use language to name our food, our hometowns, our family members, our friends, ourselves. Language is personal, visceral, and powerful; it is tied to our lands, to our bodies, to our relationships, and to our knowledge. Every time we speak or sign in our particular accents and dialects, syntax and rhythms, cadences and inflections, we identify ourselves and bring social history and personal experience with us. When we come together to dialogue, it is important that we are able to express ourselves in the language that most fully conveys the depth and nuance of our hopes and ideas, our frustrations and questions. And it is important that we feel respected as communicators not just for what we have to say, but also how we say it. For these reasons, strategies for bridging the divides of language are essential to any endeavor that truly seeks to be inclusive of people from different cultures, different backgrounds, and different perspectives." Read more from the respective zine "How to build language justice" here: AntenaAire_HowToBuildLanguageJustice.docx (

In this spirit, many of us believe building lj isn't the sole work of interpreters, translators, or coordinators. It's a task we all participate in. Here's a couple key points and proposals for B!B!E!:

Facilitating and interpreting can be pretty busy roles, and doing both tasks at once can end up messy. We want to avoid that and encourage you only to facilitate. We'll take care of interpreting. Can you confirm a skilled interpreter(s) for your workshop?* Ask if anyone in your communities might be available. If possible, send us their contact info so we can be in touch asap. No problem if not, our goal is to cover interpretation if need be. Unless you tell us otherwise we'll look for interpreters for your workshop. If you plan to present material (a slide show, etc), can you provide it in both languages? Again, we recommend asking in your communities for support. We're happy to help translate and need your finalized material as soon as possible in order to have it ready in time. For support with translations, please send your finalized material to by the end of Wednesday, October 27th. It's helpful to send an agenda, materials, etc in advance so interpreters can prepare and study specialized terminology, the flow/structure of your activities, etc. Send us as detailed of an idea of your wokshop (or an agenda) by the end of Thursday, November 4th to

I recommend considering this checklist by Antena Los Ángeles about building bilingual/multilingual spaces as your preparing your workshop, particularly the part "During the event". It's intended for interpretation IRL but there's several points to integrate in online events, too. The checklist can be found at this link: Antena Los Ángeles Checklist for Building Multilingual Space

Lastly, some important notes:

  • Interpreting is challenging work! To provide accurate interpretation: for any activity over 25 minutes of talking/dialoguing/etc, we highly recommend two interpreters be confirmed. Let us know if you can only confirm one interpreter and we'll look for a partner.
    • As you might recall, we encouraged folks who prefer to communicate in French to write to us to participate in the gathering. We didn't receive any request so this coordination is for English <> Spanish interpretation. Everyone is welcomed to speak in any language they choose but we ask they self interpret if it's not these 2 languages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to write to :)

19 October 2021

You offered to host and/or facilitate a workshop/presentation/etc. during the upcoming Bike!Bike! Everywhere! 2021 conference.

Here is a link to a brief survey about your upcoming B!B! workshop. Please fill it out ASAP. Thanks so much for your patience in waiting to hear back from us!

Watch your inbox for an upcoming email from angé asking for other materials to be translated and for other interpreters to study.

Hurray! We're looking forward to your event!

02 November 2021

Hello facilitators/presenters/hosts/interpreters/techies for BB!E!21,

We've got a Dress Rehearsal lined up for Satuday at 10am US Pacific Time. It will be 5 hours long. Please feel free to show up late. Please feel free to stay the whole time.

This dress rehearsal is your opportunity to get familiar with the Zoom Webinar platform, test features you may need during the event, and work out any kinks in the system.

(If you can't make it but still need to practice, please let us know and we can schedule a session. We really hope you can make it. The more people the better.)

We plan to record the workshops during B!B!E!21 for people who can't make all the events but want to watch them later. (We will not record meet & greets, hangouts, FTWN-B group ( femme, transgender, women, and non-binary), or BIPOC group.) We will post recordings to and link to them from the Bike Collectives Wiki. If you want to opt out of recording your workshop, please let us know and we can flag your workshop to not be recorded.

You can reach me during the event at 707-697-3056. I will also be available in the Discord chat during the event while I'm awake (California time). - If you need someone to talk to about your event, get in touch! - If there's an issue and an attendee needs an ear, I can do active listening so they feel heard. - If there's a technical issue, I can talk you or an attendee through it. - Etc.

You should have gotten an email from the language justice people requesting a list of jargon words so they can make sure they know those words in advance. If you haven't already, please sent that vocab list to them ASAP.

Thanks for your patience with the short notice and bumpy ride, and THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!! It's going to be great. Thank you all for making it happen.

Thanks again, Angel York she/her

P.S. IOU the facilitation guides. They are being revised, and we will send them out soon. interface

  • It's amazing. It was built by Godwin for managing in-person Bike!Bike! events and is very good at that. It is too rickety and custom to change, but its limitations for virtual conferences are obvious. It asks you what kind of food you eat and whether you'll need a bike and there's no way to change that really. Godwin thinks it should be rebuilt from scratch. Jonathan Rosenbaum thinks it's a beautiful work of legacy software and we should work with what we have. We don't have anyone clamoring to rebuild it anyway. Angel York (she/her) (talk) 11:02, 7 July 2022 (PDT)
  • It has a contact form. The email the contact form is associated with gets a LOT of spam. So nobody checks it, it just goes to Godwin. This is a problem because people think they can reach us using the contact form, but they can't. But spammers haven't found the real gmail address, which is also posted on the website. I'm afraid to ask anyone to remove the contact form because maybe then the spambots will keep looking until they find the real deal. We should deal with this at some point. Angel York (she/her) (talk) 11:38, 7 July 2022 (PDT)

Cryptpad (not google)

Has a variety of historical documents from Bike!Bike!_Everywhere!_2021.


Gmail account

Drive contents

  • "who has access to what" document
  • Language justice tips for virtual events; language justice checklist
  • and more!

Language Justice


These resources (archive link) were developed with an emphasis on the nearish-the-US/Mexico-border bilingual context but are still a great place to start!

Event planning with language justice in mind

  • Make sure you have people who speak different languages involved in planning and organizing
  • Make sure you have people presenting in different languages
  • Make sure you invite attendees who speak different languages


This is how we did communications in 2021 and 2022:

Internal communication

May be in just one language or with automated translations (Deepl, Google Translate, etc)


Sending something to the planning team in English and self-translate into Spanish (con español no perfecto) or use Deepl

External communication

Ideally is bilingual (announcements) or responds to the person in the language they reach out to us.


In 2022, when somebody sends an email to the gmail account in Spanish, Angel (who isn't fluent in Spanish) will usually ask April to respond to that email because April is fluent enough to send a decent email in Spanish.

Planning for translation

  • Push all your deadlines for written materials back by a week or two to allow time for translation
  • Cut off workshop proposals early so presenters have time to submit written materials and vocab lists, and translators have time to translate, and interpreters have time to review jargon.

Simultaneous interpretation during workshops

  • We use/used Zoom for this (see Zoom section below) in 2021 and 2022.
  • LJ coordinator does scheduling

Tracking translation and interpretation for payment

  • Make sure people track their words translated and hours interpreted in a spreadsheet. Start the spreadsheet immediately!
  • Do a rough estimate before the event so you have a donation goal to share before and during the event.

Meetings and minutes

Information about Meetings_and_minutes are hosted on this wiki. Identify someone at each meeting who will take notes, post the minutes, and update the wiki to include the minutes and post the information about the next meeting.


Used for Bike!Bike! Everywhere planning timeline (as of 2022)

Open Collective Foundation (OCF) (fiscal sponsor)

They handle the money for us. Technically speaking, they are our fiscal sponsor. In 2021, Bike Farm did this as a favor, but they're just a community bike shop and fiscal sponsorship isn't really what they do. OCF does this professionally. They're really supportive and very much in line with the ethos of the Bike!Bike! community.


A story. Once, when I was at the Davis Bike Collective, our bank called us, it went like this:

Bank: "Hi! Did you deposit <precise dollar amount>?"
Davis Bike Collective: "yes! we did that!"
Bank: "You literally left an envelope of cash with no identifying information in the deposit box. We figured it had to be you. You are the only person/org/business we know who we thought would do that."
Davis Bike Collective: "you had no way to know it was us, because it was just an envelope stuffed with cash?"
Bank: "That is correct. Please include a deposit slip."

I am sharing this story because we are not OCF's only collective. OCF is a fiscal sponsor for hundreds of collectives. Hundreds of collectives who would do something like that story I just shared. So it is very important when making a non-card donation to B!B!E! through OCF that people who are donating say that their donation is for "Bike!Bike! Everywhere!" and then let us know so we can check and make sure it got to us. If you read the links from this section, they will basically say the same thing, but I thought you might enjoy the story.

How to donate Not listed below, we can also accept basically any kind of money or money-like option people want to give us, if we want. Including stock, donor-advised funds, crypto (if we we approve which we probably don't), grants, etc.

pay by card

pay by check

  1. Put "Bike!Bike! Everywhere!" in the memo line of the check.
  2. Follow the instructions at
  3. Let us know so that we can check to make sure we got it.

Donation matching

We can accept donation matching!

  1. Follow the instructions here .
  2. Be sure to specify that it's for "Bike!Bike! Everywhere!"
  3. Let us know so that we can check to make sure we got it.

Planning teams

The goal is for the planning team to rotate every year, with a three year term for any role.

  • Year 1 - Group A runs the event.
  • Year 2 - Group B runs the event with support and heavy involvement from Group A.
  • Year 3 - Group C runs the event with heavy involvement from Group B. Group A sits on their hands, bites their tongue, and answers questions as needed.


  • Main people involved were Kema (formerly angé), Étienne, Angel, and Darin.
  • Ifny, Cweth, and Jonathan Rosenbaum did some meetings looking at tech after the 2021 event.


Zoom (video conferencing for the event)

Darin had a connection and got a free Zoom pro account or something for 3 years. It was used for 2021 and will be used for 2022 and will probably expire before the 2023 event and need to be re-donated or something else figured out. We chose Zoom for its interpretation and captioning abilities, but the field is rapidly changing and can be revisited if there's continued interest. Angel York (she/her) (talk) 11:02, 7 July 2022 (PDT)

Update: looks like it doesn't expire until August 2024. -Angel York (she/her) (talk) 03:11, 10 June 2023 (UTC) (workshop recordings)

In 2021 we recorded many of the workshops and uploaded them to Here are some notes from the process:

There is a status spreadsheet here: - please keep it up-to-date as you work!

Notes on the "status" columns of the spreadsheet and what I think needs to be done:

  • "upload" = still needs to be uploaded
  • "fix" = was uploaded before we standardized some things.  Steps that probably need to be taken are:
  1. download the video file
  2. trim the beginning of the video so it doesn't have the bit where we do sound checks and stuff
  3. rename the video file to the new format (e.g. "bbe-2021.18-en")
  4. upload the video as a new item (because doesn't allow you to change item identifiers)
  5. fill in all the info in a standardized sort of way - for example see the completed "What to do about built-to-fail budget bicycles" (english recording, spanish recording)
  6. optional: add relevant tags for the workshop topic (besides the standard "Bike!Bike! Everywhere! 2021")
  7. optional bonus: we weren't able to save captions from many of the workshops, and frankly Zoom's auto-captioning is below average.  If you can figure out how to run these through an auto-captioner that generates .srt files and upload the .srt files with the videos, that would be extra-bonus-awesome because will then automagically add them as optional subtitles when people watch the videos. 
  • "crosslink" = naming & info should be correct, but needs a link in the description to the corresponding video in the other language, and needs to be linked from the workshop's wiki page (see above example and its wiki page)
  • "done" = all of the above should be done!


  • Links to the workshop pages are at the bottom of the schedule
  • You may already have an account on this wiki; otherwise you can sign up for one.  Let Angel know if you're waiting for your account to be approved and she can take care of it.
  • It's best to edit the workshop pages with "Actions" > "Edit Source" (the visual editor still doesn't handle templates very well).  Look at the page for the example above for reference; the key lines are the ones quoted below:



Has been the host for a while. Still the host as of 2022 but I think the downtime is too high.Angel York (she/her) (talk) 11:02, 7 July 2022 (PDT)


  • if I remember correctly, nobody checks it, it gets a lot of spam. We should deal with this at some point. Angel York (she/her) (talk) 11:38, 7 July 2022 (PDT)

Domain name registration

History was originally started by Jonathan Morrison, former Executive Director of the Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective. After he was no longer involved with this community, the Utah Bicycle Collective continued to pay for the website, while having nothing to do with the maintenance and running of it. Godwin has been doing that for many years, but is now very busy with a family, house, and full-time employment. Angel York (she/her) (talk) 11:02, 7 July 2022 (PDT)

In late 2021 they changed where it points, effectively vanishing the website from the internet. They thought nobody was using it. We got in touch, and they gave it to us. It is now a community-owned resource. That means the community is now responsible for paying for registration. 🚲 Donate to the tech fund here 🚲.

Porkbun (now)

The Utah Bicycle Collective kept at GoDaddy, but when we got ahold of it, we moved it over to Porkbun. They have a cute pig, a good sense of humor, they work great, and they're not GoDaddy.


This wiki is a media wiki. If you don't know how to do something, you can go to and it will tell you how to do the thing you want to do. It has a lot of resources because it's the same software they use to run Wikipedia.