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OCF closing announcement writeup meeting 2024.03.08

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angel, april, étienne


Background info

OpenCollective Foundation has been B!B!E!'s fiscal host (aka fiscal sponsor) since 2022, allowing us to accept donations, pay invoices, allowing us to have non-profit status, and filing all of the associated tax paperwork. They are shutting down

The to-do list Open Collective gave us

  1. Send out an update to your contributors ASAP. [basic announcement sent March 8, but we said a more detailed one would be sent later]
  2. Export your data from your dashboard. [we should do this asap]
  3. Recurring contributions will pause on March 15th but will trigger a renewal process once you have been rehosted by another host on the Open Collective platform.
  4. If you choose to stay on the Open Collective platform, review the below information on how to duplicate and later merge your collective under a new fiscal host on the platform.

Migration feature availability timeline: Duplicate your collective (should be available before March 15th), reactivation of recurring contributions (end of March) and merging collectives (end of April).

Rough/Proposed Timeline

  • March 8 - this meeting to discuss plans, draft announcement; also send a first announcement
  • March 12 - B!B!E! planning meeting in which we will discuss this, among other things, and the planners will have an opportunity to take things on
  • March 15 - last day to accept funds/receive donations

This is where it could go a couple of different ways...

Option 1: The current planning team commits to finding an alternative fiscal host by April 15.

Option 2: Backup plan; we'd rather not do it this way because it only solves the tech fund, not the conference funding but it's best to have a backup plan. If we have to do this, the schedule would be something like...

Seems like there are 2 announcements we need to make

  • update for contributors; send now and say that there will be more info coming
  • the bigger update explaining the plan and possibly asking the community for resources