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Ohio City Bicycle Co-op

From Bike Collectives Wiki
Ohio City Bicycle Co-op
Founded 2000
Location Cleveland, Ohio, United States
Services Offered
Mission Statement "Help people use bikes"
Phone 216-830-2667

Ohio City Bicycle Co-op is ...

Contact Info

1840 Columbus Road Cleveland Ohio 44113

Our entrance is in the rear of the building. Here is how to get there from the door on Columbus Rd. (which is in the "back" of the shop, so we won't hear if you knock on it...):

Go (south) toward the bridge. Turn right onto Merwin Ave, just before the bridge. Turn right into the gate with our banner on the fence. Look for the open dock door (door #2). Park your car, or ride your bike up the ramp and use the rack that you'll find on the dock (and your lock!).

Phone: 216 830 2667

More info on our website


In the fall of 2002 the Ohio City Bicycle Co-op (OCBC) was incorporated, and secured donation of a storefront on Lorain Avenue where it could expand this Earn A Bike program, renovate and sell surplus bikes to help cover expenses, and attract additional volunteers with an adult membership program that offered bike repair classes and shop use to the public. At this time OCBC also began to present Earn A Bike programs at schools and recreation centers as a fee service, and organized larger bike rides as fundraising events and for others, including the City of Cleveland. Being unsuccessful securing start-up grant funding, the organization operated entirely with volunteer labor, primarily from two of the founding members, one of whom began volunteering full-time in the beginning of 2003.

When the building on Lorain Avenue was sold in September 2003, the Co-op moved to its current, larger space in the Flats, where less street traffic greatly facilitated group riding, and a large amount of storage space eased management of the large volume of bicycle donations, now also coming from several area police departments.

In 2005 the OCBC's full-time volunteer director was joined by a new member with extensive computer skills, who automated the membership program's volunteer-credit accounting system, overhauled the website, and began the group's transition from a volunteer co-op to an employee-staffed organization.

The OCBC now has three full-time staff and over 150 adult members, about thirty of whom are regular volunteers, who, in 2006 alone, have rehabilitated more than five hundred bicycles, and diverted from the waste stream about five tons of steel and aluminum.

More history on our website

Services Offered