Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop

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Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop was founded as a ministry of First Congregational United Church of Christ in Memphis, Tennessee in June of 2002. The shop is a recycle-a bike facility accepting donations of bicycles, bike parts and bike accersories that would otherwise be thrown away. During the first three years Revolutions developed relationships with local youth aged 5-15, and for three years helped neighborhood youth assemble bicycles. Revolutions began a Mechanical Apprentice Training Program in 2006, trained three youth mechanics, won a United Way Avron B. Fogleman Venture Fund grant, and paid the apprentices for a full year. During that time, Revolutions developed a membership program that provided patrons with the opportunity to build a bicycle for a $40 donation. Apprentices assisted members as they built their bicycles by teaching them the repair processes required to construct a bicycle. In 2008, Revolutions moved to a serivce-based membership model. The shop now requires 10 hours volunteer time in addition to a $40 donation for membership. Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop currently has nearly 300 active members.


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