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Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop

From Bike Collectives Wiki
Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop
Founded unknown
Location Memphis, Tennessee, United States
Mission Statement Building an inclusive community by getting people on bicycles.
Phone 901-552-5097
Other Contact Info


Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop was founded as a ministry of First Congregational United Church of Christ in Memphis, Tennessee in June of 2002. The shop is a recycle-a bike facility accepting donations of bicycles, bike parts and bike accersories that would otherwise be thrown away. During the first three years Revolutions developed relationships with local youth aged 5-15, and for three years helped neighborhood youth assemble bicycles. Revolutions began a Mechanical Apprentice Training Program in 2006, trained three youth mechanics, won a United Way Avron B. Fogleman Venture Fund grant, and paid the apprentices for a full year. During that time, Revolutions developed a membership program that provided patrons with the opportunity to build a bicycle for a $40 donation. Apprentices assisted members as they built their bicycles by teaching them the repair processes required to construct a bicycle. In 2008, Revolutions moved to a serivce-based membership model. The shop now requires 10 hours volunteer time in addition to a $40 donation for membership. Revolutions Community Bicycle Shop currently has nearly 300 active members.


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