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From Bike Collectives Wiki
Founded 2006
Location New Orleans, Louisiana, United States
Services Offered
Mission Statement RUBARB's mission is to provide a free space for those who want to repair, maintain, build and learn more about bicycles. In addition to promoting alternative transportation and the creative reuse of material, we focus on youth development through skill building and the encouragement of self-reliance.
Phone (504) 943-0216

Rubarb is ...

Contact Info

2239 Piety St New Orleans LA 70117 (physical)

1829 Columbus St New Orleans LA 70116 (mailing)


Volunteers began RUBARB in March 2006, after constantly collecting unused flood bikes, pulling them from garbage piles in the streets, and fixing them up for both residents and volunteers. Bikes that would have otherwise been sent to the scrapyard, are now being reused by many people in New Orleans. RUBARB has evolved into a full scale upper 9th ward community bike shop with open workshop hours, youth programming, afterschool "bike clubs" in schools, field trips and maintenance/repair assistance.

Services Offered

RUBARB today offers:

  • Build a Bike options
  • Earn a bike program for youth
  • Open workshop hours
  • Maintenance assistance
  • Creative Art with bike themes
  • Work Trade opportunities
  • Monthly field trips for youth
  • Saturday snax
  • Afterschool "bike clubs" at 2 schools


Mon 3-7 Wed 3-7 Sat 2-6