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SLCBC BikeEd Marketing Proposal

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Here are the objectives, specific demographics, and marketing mediums:


The purpose of defining these demographics is not to label every type of cyclist. It is to label types of cyclists that would take advantage of BikeEd if they knew about it. It is also to determine the best use of a finite advertising budget by picking mediums that appeal most to our desired demographics.

Demographic 1: Children (via Parents)

This is going to be our biggest demographic. There are more 'families' in Utah than any other demographic. Also the parents will cross over into the other categories we have. As such we probably want to focus our budget on this group.


Safety. Safe parents have safe kids.


Commercial Radio Ads, Billboard Ads, TV Ads, Tabling Safe Kids, Speaking at PTA Meetings, Speaking at Boy / Girl Scout Meetings, School Newsletters

Demographic 2: Bicycle Commuters

We aren't talking about the bike messenger wanna-be, as they are unlikely to take the course no matter what we do. These commuters are the slightly older, mostly male (although we hope to change that), demographic with enough income to afford decent lights, clothing, and bicycles. They don't drive, so they don't see too many billboards or listen to the commercial radio.


Camaraderie. Meet your fellow die hards, share war stories, and get involved in the bigger Salt Lake cycling picture.


Public radio, UTA Advertisements on TRAX and buses, Flyers and posters at shops.

Demographic 3: Recreational / Fitness Riders

They only ride on the Jordan River Trail or in spin class. Their goal is to keep in shape and/or shed a few pounds.


Learn how to lose a few pounds the fun way. Learn how to be safe and feel comfortable riding on the road with traffic.


Flyers, Gym Bulletin Boards, Commercial Radio Ads

Demographic 4: Sport Riders (Roadies)

These are the competive cyclists that don't think they have anything to learn from a bicycle safety class. This group remains dependent on the car to transport their body, but owns top dollar road bikes and can compete in Lotoja.


A Challenge. Think you can Group Ride? We shall see.


Race/Event promoter websites and informational packets, Flyers and posters at shops.

Demographic 5: No Other Option

This is the person riding in the snow, not because they are hardcore, but because they have no other option. Either it be income level or a D.U.I. They will most likely be riding a cheaper bike. Generally speaking they are overlooked and broad population which makes them hard to market to.


Yes! You ARE a cyclist. Here are some resources and free stuff to make the ride easier.


Court mandated, steeper fines for riding on the wrong side of the road with the condition of dropping the fine if they take the course. Posters at pawn shops, department stores, thrift stores and public service locations.

Demographic 6: People who don't ride

They know how, but they haven't done it since they were a kid.


Re-discover the fountain of your youth!


Mass media.

Advertising Mediums





Smaller Publications


Print: Posters

Print: Flyers

Print: Stickers