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SLCBC June 8, 2007 Board Meeting

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective Board Meeting June 8, 2007


Patrick Beecroft: PB Jason Bultman: JB Eric Estlund: EE Erica Frumin: EF Lacey Gaechter: LG Jonathan Morrison: JM Michael Wise: MW


1. Thank you letters to sponsors of the Pedal Pusher Film Festival were signed.

2. Meetings were set up for the remainder of the year – next meeting July 18 5pm.

3. Membership Proposal

To implement the membership, the bylaws and 1023 will need to be amended, possibly the state documents also. For the By-laws, the primary location needs to be updated to the shop and article 3 for membership needs to be addressed. Lacey is already working on this. Jonathan talked to the IRS help line (as anonymous), they basically stated it is OK to implement the membership program. Jonathan recommended we send the 1023 amendment after we receive our 8734 letter.

Jason wanted the group to agree to a long term commitment to the bicycle benefits program, so that it doesn’t meet the same fate as the Pedal Pass. We need someone responsible to maintain this program.

Jonathan said the Bicycle Benefits organization will follow up with the participating businesses and possibly share costs for printing. Lacey asked about the July 3rd launch date and all agreed. All members present voted in favor of proceeding with the membership plan as proposed. The solicitation letter was discussed and Lacey agreed to send out the final version for review. We need to re-write the Bicycle Benefits mission statement, especially so that it does not mention foreign oil, which will turn people off. The Bicycle Benefits letter to businesses was approved with the new mission statement, without mention of foreign oil. It was also stated that because the Bicycle Benefits sticker is placed on helmets, that the program is associated with the Bike Ed project and may be eligible for UDOT support. UDOT supported the print costs of the Pedal Pass so they may be supportive of this revamped program.

4. Annual Report – final comments are due for last edit.

5. 2007 Budget

Jason presented the budget numbers with the following conclusions: 1) we are looking good for the Bike Ed project to extend the $200K for the 2 years, as the 2007 budget looks on track with less wages but more advertising expense to even it out, 2) all proposals for hiring (shop manager) are not possible yet and will depend on successful fundraising, 3) the $8000 from Hemingway is for Earn-a-Bike instructors and the hiring process should start immediately, Jonathan was asked to share the job description to be posted.

Jason made the following proposals:

1) Pay Lacey the originally proposed stipend for summer internship. All agreed.

2) Establish contractor agreements with all LCIs. Draft given to Jonathan.

3) Start performance review for Project Coordinator and then offer raise, also discuss organization changes to include Executive Director. This process will include some assessment of the current job description and adjust appropriately to the new title. If and when this happens, Jonathan will step down from the board. Other names brought up to fill an open position and bring strength to the group: Dan Fazzini, Brad Woods, Lou Melini.

4) Still pursue original proposal to form advisory board, but only as resources allow. Anyone is welcome to head this up, as the list is currently developed.

5) Send solicitation letter for donations from individuals as an insert in Cycling Utah. The membership brochure and Jason’s letter are almost ready, but we need to further develop this and possibly include envelopes. The insert cost for local distribution is around $350. There was discussion, but everyone supported this proposal.

6. Film Fest Wrap-Up

EE We should have a $500 a plate fundraiser to attract the fancy bike riders. Pedal Pusher is not the appropriate event. LG The auction should stay at Pedal Pusher, just be improved. It doubled our overall income of funds from the event. Thoughts on the Depot:

   Lots of people were standing
   The mezzanine was full of people sitting

7. T-shirts EE We should get:

1. Polo or nicer shirts for people officially representing the Collective (tabling, etc.)

2. t-shirts to identify volunteers in the shop

3. t-shirts to thank volunteers

4. Design can be determined through an art competition

JM Would like embroidered "ask me" or the like aprons for the shop, over t-shirts MW We need something for LCI's as well JM/EE Hopefully the league will cover something like that. LG Let's be hippies and have people bring their own shirts or buy a bunch from the DI to print on All Let's have a variety

1. BYO for low-cost (high individuality) printing

2. Virgin-material shirts also available

3. DI shirts also available

The art competition is important, and it doesn't have to have too much to do with the Collective, necessarily. We'll just throw our logo on there. LG I think there is a bit of confusion over which of these shirts goes to members, etc, and there is a time crunch on this issue that will not allow for the art competition.

8. More employees: JM We should have a stipend for mechanics. JM The shop manager should have people skills over wrenching skills. Volunteer management, people and place organization most important for this position EE we also need a lot of organization of the physical space, ordering, parts inventory, etc. EF Shop manager needs to have some basic bike knowledge EE If it's not a full-time position, it needs to be close to it.