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SLCBC March 5, 2007 Board Email Vote

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective Online Meeting Minutes

Date: March 5, 2007

So that we don't have a long meeting tomorrow, lets vote on some of the following prior. I am proposing three (3) things:

Advisory Board

(1) Officially establish the Advisory Board stated in our Article IX of our By-laws. The Advisory Board will provide key resources, experience and direction to the Executive Board as requested by the Executive Board or as deemed necessary by members of the Advisory Board. I have already talked to Clinton Watson, Brian Price, and Ron Ferrucci about switching from the Executive Board to become the first members of this Board. Below I have listed other powerhouses in the local cycling community that we should consider inviting to our Advisory Board.

Executive Board

(2) Nominate and elect the following to the Executive Board: Eric Estlund, Erica Frumin, Russ Hopkins. I have spoken to all three, and all three have expressed interest. They have been instrumental in our day to day programs for quite some time now. From my perspective, my job would be much harder without the work they do and the insight they bring to the table. I see them as excellent additions to our team.

By-law change

(3) Limit the Executive Board to seven (7) members. This will allow us to reliably and quickly achieve Quorum (Bylaws Section 5.8) on important decisions. Smaller numbers will also encourage positive rotation in the Executive Board which will also help prevent burn out.

This proposal would involve amending Section 4.2 of our By-Laws to read:

"Section 4.2 Number and Term of Directors. The number of directors of the Corporation shall not be less than (3) nor more than seven (7), with the exact number to be set by resolution of the persons present at the meeting so called. Directors shall be appointed for 1-year terms."

Candidates to the Advisory Board

  • Angela Sather (The Depot)
  • Jess Brown (Grant Writing)
  • Shaina Miron Quinn (UTA Rideshare)
  • Kim Angeli (Downtown Alliance)
  • Ryan Littlefield (Contender Bicycles)
  • Lou Melini (MBAC)
  • Dan Fazinni (SLBAC)
  • Brad Woods (UBC)
  • Doug Openshaw (Advocate/Commuter)
  • Jordan Gates (SLC Corp)
  • Charlie Kulp (SL County)
  • Chelsea Babbish (Movie Maker)
  • Bonie Shupe (Graphic Designer)
  • Mike Haring (Graphic Designer)
  • Ryan Miller (IMBA/Racer)
  • Mark Kennedy (Saturday Cycles)
  • Dave Iltis (Cycling Utah)
  • Sharon Briggs (UDOT Bike Coordinator)


Ron Ferrucci

1) Yea

2) Yea

3) needs discussion

Brian Price

aye, aye, aye

Clinton Watson

1) Aye, natch

2) Aye, Aye. All three are already running the place in their respective capacities.

3) I'm with Jason on this. Why not, at each annual re-election meeting, just hold a preliminary vote to reestablish the number of board members to be voted on, then vote on 'em. Seems like it would be easier to increase or decrease members that way to accomodate each year's participation levels. The anarchist in me says fewer written laws=get more done (see endnote.) Nay.

"Hell, there are no rules here...we're trying to accomplish something!" -Edison

Michael Wise

Aye on all three points. I agree with Jonathan that the current size of the board has made it extremely difficult to get decisions made, with the side effect that sometimes board members, myself included, make command decisions without consulting the board. Thus we might become committed to a course of action, or a position, contrary to the interest of the Collective.

Jason Bultman

(1) - yea for Advisory Board. I'll bring the invite letter to the meeting. I would also recommend Dave Iltis and at least one person from UDOT (sharon briggs). The first key topic I see helpful to solicit to the advisory board is a critique of our Bike Ed marketing strategy. I would like to hold a meeting dedicated to this soon.

(2) I think the proposal should be to vote on 3 new and 4 existing Board members (directors serve one-yr terms). For this I vote yea.

(3) Nay. The board decides who and how many members should serve, not the bylaws. If we must change the limits, and 7 is the ideal number, then we should bracket around 7 (eg minimum 3 to maximum 11 is 7 +/- 4).

Patrick Beecroft

1, Aye

2, Aye, As restated by Jonathan below.

3, I'll abstain on this one right now, but it might be a good idea to bring this up where we can talk about it face to face. There are good arguments on both sides.

Jonathan Morrison

(1) Aye. To establish the Advisory Board starting with Brian, Ron and Clinton. I also agree with Jason's additions to the invitation list.

(2) Aye. To elect Erica, Eric, and Russ to the Executive Board as well as re-elect Patrick, Jason, Michael and myself as well.

(3) Aye. I stated the key reasons in my initial proposal, but the one I didn't mention is what a pain in the ass it is to coordinate everyone's schedules for a meeting. I spent several hours doing this for tomorrow. Ultimately high numbers result in a lack of meetings, or using meeting times to bring everyone up to speed instead of making decisions. If we need to do a range, I say it is 3, 5 or 7 people so that we maintain an small odd number. 7 is hard enough, anything more than that will be a nightmare.