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Hello everyone, I'm Amy, I'm from My Air Yeezy 2 For Sale(! I like wearing Nike Air Yeezy II to exercise, because it gives me a very comfortable feeling. I am from Kanye West('s concert to see Yeezy 2 Shoes, through understanding, I can not help falling in love with these shoes. We know that regular exercise on health helpful, and often inadvertently injure yourself, causing sports injury, some people do not know how to handle, confused, sometimes self-defeating, or the use of inappropriate treatment, causing more damage severe. Today, I want to give us something about some of the common sports injuries and response measures, I mainly introduced the common sports injuries are soft tissue injuries, joint, ligament sprains, and other related knowledge, I hope they give you help.

1. Soft tissue injury:

These injuries can be divided into open and closed injury categories. The former has abrasions, cuts and stab wounds, etc.; latter contusions and muscle strain.

a. Scratch: in motion, because of fall injuries or skin friction devices. Bleeding or bruising of skin tissue fluid exudation. Small area of ​​abrasions, wounds can be wiped with a red syrup; large abrasions, first washed with saline smear red syrup, and then sterilized gauze bandage.

b. Tear: sudden strenuous exercise strong impact, causing muscle tear, which has an open wound and a closed injury. Common are torn brow with muscle tear. Mild open wound, coated with red syrup can; breach is great, you need to stop the bleeding and stitch, when necessary, tetanus antivenom.

c. Muscle strain: the external force, the muscles excessively active contraction or passive stretch, causing muscle strain. Most of this damage is due to insufficient preparation, or incoordination, or caused by excessive force. After injury, the light instantly cold, local pressure, bandaging and Taigaohuanzhi, massage can be implemented after 24 hours; severe cases, muscle completely torn, then pressurized immediately sent to hospital for surgery.

2. Joints, ligament sprain:

a. Acute back problems. Movement due to the waist under weight, uncoordinated muscle contraction, or spine movement than the normal physiological range and injury. For example STRAIGHTENING long jump, weight lifting too quite abdomen, lower limbs when diving such as excessive backswing. Mild injury, gently Rouan. Severe, the patient should immediately supine (generally should help move freely), and escorted to hospital for treatment on a stretcher. After treatment, you should sleep Banchuang or lumbar pad after a pillow. The muscles, ligaments in a relaxed state, massage can be implemented after 24 hours.

b. Ankle sprain. Usually jump landing due to loss of balance, so that excessive ankle varus or valgus, the venue does not or incoordination, also can cause ankle sprains. Sprains, wound swelling, pain, bleeding under the skin. If the pain is severe, you can not stand, walk, it may fracture. After the disposal, such as the finger injury bruise disposal methods are basically the same, wounds should be immediately sent to hospital for diagnosis and treatment. For general sports injuries, generally use "RICEC Disposal Act."

3. Disposal of heat stroke:

a. Who will move to the shade of heat stroke b. High body temperature with cold water loosen and cold c. When you want to make lateral coma in order to protect the airway d. Heat stroke to drink, it can give light brine

4. Anemia Disposal:

a. The foot elevation b. Loosen clothing c. Body insulation d. Coma, you want to make lateral

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