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Tech meeting 2022.08.11

From Bike Collectives Wiki


  • Updates on anything Darin's been doing
  • Ideas / questions from Jonathan and Godwin re: planning for a weekend coding sprint
  • Check in about scheduling the weekend coding sprint

  • godwin - API on serverside.
  • maybe nextjs on front and back
    • richtext rendered on the front end and ??? on the back
    • boilerplate out there now should be pretty easy to get off the ground
  • jonathan - is using feathers. feathersjs -there's not a good comparison to nextjs
  • godwin - react stable, been used for years, seems like it's sticking around - what is feathersjs? react?
    • jonathan - easy way to put together an API. featthers just handles API. you write usenode you use js to write it. database agnostic. mongo, psql, etc
    • godwin - sounds like maybe we could use both
    • jonathan -
  • godwin would use mongo if starting now
  • jonathan - feathers handles sockets, too. supposed to be really easy to use. any socket library you want to use. extremely versatile. just a framework that creates api. not locked into anything.
  • godwin - if we use nextjs and feathers (looks from google like lots of people do that) would we have one server that does api and one that does rendering or would we want one service/stack that does service and rendering?
  • godwin will start working backwards from the front end and godwin and jonathan can meet in the middle. godwin has very limited time. hosting and serverside needs to be set up first, to build off of.
  • jonathan - yes, and we could still use a new server, even just fr the existing code
  • godwin - doesn't want to go through the process to spin up another server again
  • jonathan - smptp servers and things can get complex. but docker makes it easy!
  • jonathan - thinks it's a good idea to keep frontend and backend separated
  • godwin - my experience starts to break down @ this point - I'm used to LAMP servers where one linux machine does everything. These days people distribute that more. is that the right way to go? is it cost-effective in money?
  • jonathan - we could do that in the future if the service becomes super popular. different instnaces something easy to do, run server somewhere else. to begin, easiest just to have one nice vps. linode or racknerd. either/or.
  • godwin wants to move off digital ocean. linode is a lot cheaper for us. been a long time since godwin has looked into it. digital ocean used to be the cheap option
  • jonathan - something called racknerd has specials. $50 for a year with 4Gb. basically the same service you get with linode. i use linode to handle dns and stuff and it's working surprisingly well. no problems with their server and racknerd. get their specials. $100 for 8G. That would be one kvm instance. good way to start out. sysadmin experience. happy to set up docker for everything. kubernetes?
  • godwin - and that's all the stuff I'm pretty lost on so if there's any of that you want to plan for/start setting up?
  • jonathan - will start looking into it.
  • godwin - can you look into costs?
  • jonathan - so what i'm thinking of is @ go to the bottom and look at 8G kvm. that's still available
  • godwin - that's not so bad! paying about $30/month right now, so that's much better.
  • jonathan - used to use amazon s3. now uses backblaze.
  • jonathan is using restic. their backup services for docker. does really nice backup service for docker. from sysadmin standpoint is really the way to go

* godwin - gives jonathan homework. can you do a writeup? with a plan for the backend system, starting with the basic services like hosting. we'll still need to talk about the languages we're using, but let's land on services we start paying for and setting up.

  • jonathan - we should have a group password service too. various ways of doing that. eg passbolt.
  • both - like docker. usable, been around a while
  • jonathan started out with distributions. docker is amazing when it came out.
  • angel wants bug and feature request tracker
  • angel wants the api to integrate with OCF
  • godwin - each week we'll do a stepping stone to getting some of these foundational things set up!
  • godwin - doesn't expect to have opinions about a lot of this stuff. godwin and jonathan are a good team, won't get stuck on "we should use this/ we should use that"
  • jonathan - open to learning new things, too. eg about react.
  • godwin - same here, needs to sharpen up on react, it's the dominant thing now
  • darin - will do his best to be useful where he can. godwin and jonathan know what they're doing. Darin and Angel together are some combination of Project Manager and Intern.
  • angel - next meeting? in 2 weeks.
  • godwin - august 25 - 8PST/11EST