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Tech meeting 2022.09.08

From Bike Collectives Wiki


Angel, Darin, Jonathan

No Godwin, we will try again next week


  • Darin is trying to add a captcha or similar to the contact form on to reduce spam and make gmail reject us less.
    • We can use Google's ReCAPTCHA, which seems like a well-tested, and reasonably accessible implementation.
    • The easiest way would probably be with this gem. Is there anything that must be done when adding a gem to the project? (also, how soon can we spin up a test instance on the KVM for changes like this?)
    • Or could do it without a gem, though that looks a little more involved.


  • Jonathan got started with setting up the new hosting. Godwin covered the bill. Darin covered the OCF and payment processor fees we forgot to account for. OCF wants all funding to travel through their account because they need to track all of the funding for tax reasons. BUT! They are an awesome org that is super into offering resources and connections to their projects AND their fees are industry standard. Not sure where to go from here. Godwin, what are your thoughts?
  • In the long run, we should switch to the virtual card so that it can be paid directly from OCF instead of an individual having to pay it and submit a receipt. But I suspect we'll need to look a little more financially stable before OCF is ok with that.
  • Jonathan installed the two required containers and installed passable
  • tonight we will do permissions and passwords
  • We get 10G free so it will be a while before we see a cost.
  • bikebike is going to be a directory where all the ?? are ?? from
  • you can run docker rootless now
  • passbolt
  • docker ps shows you all the running processes. docker compose controls services.
  • let's encrypt service and jinx proxy service
  • docker compose used to be separate but now it's a plug-in. now they actually show you the services which is really useful
  • usually jonathan updates jinx to 100mb
  • docker compose are the most important things
  • prune runs every week or so
  • ?? makes it easy to do a search if you're doing different types of backups
  • pretty easy.
  • is related to passbolt somehow.