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Tech meeting 2022.09.22

From Bike Collectives Wiki


Godwin, Jonathan


Minutes are below, lightly edited for privacy, in the form of an email update from Jonathan:

Hi Angel & Darin!

Godwin and I met.  I walked him through the updates to the new server, and he is now administrator at the Passbolt application.  He will be adding passwords for Digital Ocean and, after setting up a new account at namecheap (the registrar for

Here are the notes from chat. Please try out the test version of at :

(used snapd to install letsencrypt at the liver server)

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Godwin says: [redacted godwin's email address]


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me says:Angel York Bike!Bike! Everywhere! an OpenCollective Project 340 S. Lemon Avenue, #3717 Walnut, California 91789, US