The Pedal Factory

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The Pedal Factory, Salisbury NC

Founded 2015, The Pedal Factory began with the goal of including all individuals as potential cyclists. We think everyone should have a bike, regardless of income, age, or background. We believe the Salisbury community is a great place to be a cyclist, with the means to really use a bike for necessary daily commutes, just for fun and fitness, or for both. We hope to see more kids riding to school alongside their parents, and we want to help make that happen. We have a vision of a collaborative work space, where qualified volunteers help people from all walks of life learn to build and maintain their bikes.

Currently, we offer Earn-A-Bike programs for kids and adults. Collaborating with the local Parks & Recreation Department, we offer classes to kids who are trying to ditch their training wheels. We offer classes through the local YMCA to adults who want to learn how to ride or ride more comfortably in the city.

Over the next year, we anticipate expanding our offerings to include mobile workshops to teach basic maintenance at neighborhood centers. We will continue and add to our social rides, providing an opportunity to meet and ride with others at a comfortable, non-competitive space.

To contact The Pedal Factory:

The Pedal Factory
P.O. BOX 2353
Salisbury, NC 28145