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From Bike Collectives Wiki
Founded unknown
Location Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Services Offered

Turnstyle is open from noon most days, Turnstyle is a collectively run social space that provides resources for people and groups working on projects that benefit the community and/or for activist social change. The resources of the space include a meeting, presentation and event space; a library; a bicycle workshop; a home brew kitchen; a cob oven bakery; and art and prop-making space.

Turnstyle is located underneath two neighbouring homes who co-operate via a common living vision: sharing space, resources, effort and values. Turnstyle is a space distinct from the living areas of the residents. It has been made possible by the tenants in an effort to support and stimulate local initiatives, and to demonstrate effective use of space for individual and collective growth. Note that Turnstyle is not a drop in centre/shelter and sleeping facilities are not available.

Turnstyle runs on a not-for-profit basis. All things at Turnstyle are sustained by donation and by the support of friendly folks who volunteer their time and effort.

Contact Info

Email us via turnstylecommunity [at] gmail [dot] com


Turnstyle was established as a collective many moons ago. A Collective is a group of people who share or are motivated by at least one common issue or interest, or work together on a specific project(s) to achieve a common objective. Collectives are sometimes characterised by attempts to share and exercise political and social power and to make decisions on a consensus-driven and egalitarian basis. A project is a collaborative enterprise planned and designed to achieve an aim. Some projects at Turnstyle take a day and others can take months, but all should be defined, doable and enjoyed through collective agreement and participation.

Turnstyle is an inclusive safer space for all species. We hope everyone can feel part of and be active in the Turnstyle community.

Services Offered

The bike space is open from noon most days. Check out the Turnstyle Calendar for workshops and dedicated times when there is bike help on hand.