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User:Recumbent Rider

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Volunteer at [ Back2Bikes] Port Melbourne Australia, I am a keen recreational cyclist who got involved at back2bikes after retiring. I wanted to be able to repair the family bikes and was encouraged to volunteer and learn by doing rather than enrol in a formal course. I have found the community of people at Back2Bikes to be generous with their time. It is a place that welcomes people of all ages and backgrounds. I noticed we are listed but that several other similar organisations in our city needed to be added to the list.

I ride to commute to Back2Bikes a couple of days a week. Also ride recreationally with my wife on bike paths and tour on rail trails. Mountain Bike with friends and ride in Meet Up groups including Social Cycles. Am about to go to Cambodia with Social Cycles [1] on a cycling tour where you visit NGO's as well as see the sites off road on mountain bikes.

Bikes I am riding. Recumbent, Hybrid and occasionally road bike.

Outside riding and fixing bikes I volunteer at the local community house with migrant english conversation and am in the comrades collective which is just some friends who help each other do tasks at each others house once a week such as handyman jobs and the host supplies lunch.

I am totally non tech and edited by copying other posts. Still trying to figure out how to create a page with links in the right place.

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