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We Cycle

From Bike Collectives Wiki
Email wecyclemelbourne(at)
Founded 2016
Location Gumbri (Batman) Park, 154 St George's Road, Northcote, VIC 3070, Australia
Services Offered
Mission Statement Providing low-cost bicycles to marginalised members of our community

We-Cycle is a bike workshop in Melbourne, Australia repairing and supplying bikes to those in need.

Contact Info

wecyclemelbourne (at)


We Cycle was founded by Craig Jackson (1971-2021<ref></ref>) and Gayle Potts, who met in 2015 at the City of Darebin Community Leaders in Sustainability Program in Melbourne's inner north. They shared interest in promoting bicycles as an affordable and sustainable means of transport. In 2016 Craig and Gayle collected bicycles and worked (from their backyards) to repair and then re-home almost eighty bikes with refugees and asylum seekers who were referred to them by caseworkers from support agencies. In January 2017 WeCycle expanded and continued this work in a small vacant Council building in Gumbri (Batman) Park, Northcote. It is now a sustainable project, a registered Association with a Board, and annual reports are available. There is a team of regular and occasional volunteers, but no paid staff.

We-Cycle bike shed

Services Offered

Volunteers collect or receive, and then refurbish and distribute around 80-110 bikes a year to those in need across Melbourne. We-Cycle occasionally sells bikes or parts that cannot be re-homed, and assists local residents with inquiries. In 2021 it started running a monthly bike check scheme, with the Council. The shed is usually open 10am-3pm Saturdays, barring future pandemic shutdowns.

Outside the shed the volunteers have also designed bikes, adapted bikes for special needs, written a book (Cycle Zoo), toured the world by bike, and researched bike workshops worldwide.<ref></ref>