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13 de Julio - B!B!E! Lanzamiento

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Nat tiene acceso a cuenta de instagram 🎉🎉🎉

Nat publicará el lanzamiento en instagram.

Se confirmará con Godwin la publicación en Leo enviará email desde BBE gmail. Angel figured out how to publish the event. Leo will email Godwin about fixing the spelling of the event.

Se publicará el evento B!B!E! 2022

  • (OfificaL) (Angel); fix name (Godwin); add information (Leo will translate and post Carla's write-up)
  • Instagram (Nat)
  • Think tank email list and Buttondown email list (Leo- Carla)
  • Facebook (Nat)
  • Wiki front page (Leo)
  • OCF (done! Angel added on Jul 14)

Se creó un manual de base para aplicar en los próximos B!B!E!

Darin and Leo are translating the wiki captcha!

Angel will enter the list of orgs Nat found into the Wiki before the launch, so that they can get the announcement.

We did a soft launch today - the poster is live on the website but we haven't told anyone it's there yet.

🎉 Fecha lanzamiento 🎉

This is the deadline for entering any new community bike shops into the wiki. We will be emailing everybody who we have contact info for in the wiki.

18 de Julio 21 horas (Est) (-4GTM)