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FTWN-B group ( femme, transgender, women, and non-binary) / Grupo femme, transgénero, mujeres, y no-binarixs

Presenter Needed! | Tech: Christine | Interpreter: Nat + raquel |

English recording: no recording available

Grabación en Español: grabación no disponible


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What does FTWN-B mean?

FTWN-B is shorthand for femme, transgender, women, and non-binary. We acknowledge that letters and labels only go so far and that, above all, we seek to respect whatever words people use to describe themselves. We hope to engage in a conversation where we can learn more about one another.

Formerly WTF (women/trans/femme) which is passe now:

‘WTF’ centralizing cisgender women while being a recognizable acronym for ‘what the f*ck.” -