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B!B!E! Planning Meeting 2024.03.13

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Attendees: Angie, April, Leo

OCF Migration


A bit of background from a previous meeting

To clarify:

  • Open Collective Foundation is the fiscal host (aka fiscal sponsor) that has been allowing us to use their non-profit status and their bank account. They're closing down.
  • Open Collective is a software platform used by many fiscal hosts, hosted projects, and other nonprofits to track finances. It will continue to exist, and if we can find a new fiscal host that uses Open Collective it will be very easy to migrate our account. We could also use a fiscal host that isn't on Open Collective, but it might make for a bit more work.


We have some options for migrating

  • Open Collective provided a list of alternative fiscal hosts, some that use the Open Collective platform and some that don't:
  • There's also a long list of all fiscal hosts on Open Collective, but it needs a lot of filtering: . [The link in the previous bullet point probably already includes everything from this link that might be useful. --Angel York (she/her) (talk) 15:36, 14 March 2024 (UTC)]
  • Jonathan had suggested this list via email:
  • Leo mentioned the possibility of using a regular crowdfunding platform for conferences/events
    • Might be simpler
    • Probably higher fees
    • Probably requires one person to receive and redistribute all funds
    • Using fiscal hosts/sponsors means access to their non profit status. Some donors appreciate this because it means they can write off their donation at tax time
    • Doesn't provide a way to carry extra funds over to the next year (the same problem in-person B!B! is having)

Action Items & Conclusions

  • Angie is working on some fiscal host applications
  • April is available to answer questions related to the process
  • The planning team might request help from the broader community (thinktank, etc.)
    • If so, try to ask specific individuals for help and/or ask a group of people for people qualified to help with specific tasks