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Bicycles for Humanity

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Bicycle For Humanity is an international association of multiple organizations with chapters currently in Australia, Canada, and USA

Our Mission

Empowering people to improve their quality of life by transferring mobility through the use of bicycles.


  • To help poor, women, children, and HIV positive.
  • To empower people in disadvantaged countries and communities.
  • To give people hope, a chance and self dignity.
  • To improve access to health care, educational and social services.
  • To develop micro-enterprises and employment opportunities.
  • To empower women by increasing their mobility.
  • To help women to achieve their potential in their communities.
  • To strengthen families and communities by reducing travel time.
  • To improve the delivery of services by teachers, health care workers, and other extension workers.
  • To improve economic productivity by improving transportation.
  • To create sustainable communities.

In the developed world we ride bicycles for pleasure. In the world's poorest countries where other forms of transportation are unaffordable, the bicycle can be an important tool in building a better life. Bicycles for Humanity's overall goal is to expand the work of its members, build more sustainable initiatives and programs and to mobilise and empower more of the world's poorest people.