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Bike Edmonton
Founded 1980
Location Edmonton, Canada
Services Offered
Mission Statement We work to make cycling accessible for everyone, because we believe that an Edmonton where anyone can choose to cycle is an Edmonton that’s better for all.

Learn how to fix your bike and explore the city by bike. Buy a refurbished bike, or donate a disused one. Meet other cyclists, and help us advocate for a vibrant city.

Whether you ride once a week, 265 bike-friendly days a year, or year-round, Bike Edmonton gives you the tools you need to enjoy cycling. Established as the non-profit Edmonton Bicycle Commuters Society in 1980 and now called Bike Edmonton, we operate two volunteer-run community bike workshops, provide cycling education for people of all ages, host events with community partners year-round, and represent you at City Hall.

Contact Info


Bike Edmonton

Box 1819 Station Main

Edmonton AB T5J 2P2



Bike Edmonton South Community Workshop

8001 102 St

Edmonton AB

T6E 4A2

780-433-BIKE (2453)

Bike Edmonton Downtown Community Workshop

10612 105 Ave

Edmonton AB

T5H 0L2

780-433-BIKE (2453)


Nearby bus stops to Bike Edmonton South Community Workshop are:

  • 2723 (westbound on Whyte Ave) and 2864 (eastbound) [Routes 4, 7, and 94].

Nearby bus stops to Bike Edmonton Downtown Community Workshop are:

  • MacEwan LRT Station
  • 11301 (eastbound on 105 Ave) [Route 7]
  • 1605 (northbound on 109 St) [Routes 7, 8, 15]
  • 1557 (southbound on 109 St) [Routes 8, 15]
  • 1989 (westbound on 104 Ave) [Routes 2, 7, 8, 15, 111, 112, 560]
  • 1824 (eastbound on 104 Ave) [Routes 2, 8, 15, 111, 112, 201, 208]



Services Offered

Community Bicycle Workshops

Bike Edmonton Downtown and Bike Edmonton South are fully-equipped, volunteer-run community bike workshops. We have all the tools (including specialty bicycle tools) needed to repair and maintain your bicycle, and mechanics to teach you how to do it. We also have a vast selection of used and new parts and bicycles available for purchase.


Bike Edmonton's mandate includes recycling. We accept donations of bicycles and parts, and will refurbish, reuse, and recycle them. We recycle metal as well as rubber (tubes and tires).

Cycling education

We offer courses for adults to learn to ride, children with special needs to learn to ride, as well courses on on-road cycling for cyclists of all ages and skill levels (emphasizing riding safely and effectively). We also offer basic mechanic courses, specialized courses (e.g. wheel building), mechanic training courses (to become a mechanic), and topical courses (e.g. introduction to winter riding).

CAN-BIKE courses are offered through Bike Edmonton. The Canadian Cycling Association's CAN-BIKE program are courses oriented toward recreational and utilitarian cycling, focused on cycling safely and enjoyably on the road. The CAN-BIKE cycling safety program provides a nationally standardized set of courses that can be taught through a variety of organizations who are interested in education, safety and health.

CAN-BIKE Instructors are nationally certified highly skilled cyclists and instructors.

Ghost Bikes

Ghost Bikes are small and somber memorials for bicyclists who are killed or hit on the street. A bicycle is painted all white and locked to a street sign near the crash site, accompanied by a small plaque. They serve as reminders of the tragedy that took place on an otherwise anonymous street corner, and as quiet statements in support of cyclists' right to safe travel.

Bike Edmonton sets up ghost bike memorials around the city as tributes to individuals, and reminders to all cyclists and drivers.

Women, Transgender, and Gender Non-binary Program

We offer WTGNB programming.

Other services

For a full list of services, please visit [1]

Some examples include:

  • Low-cost bicycles (typically between $40-120)
  • Bike cargo trailer rental
  • Bicycle rental
  • Secure bicycle parking at events around the city
  • Advocacy for cyclists
  • Education

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