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Distributors are a necessity for any collective or co-op. They are the middle-man of the bicycle industry, and your connection to buying parts at wholesale bulk rates. Generally speaking, they buy from manufacturers at 75% less than MSRP and sell for 50% less than the MSRP.

Looking at the requirements it may seem impossible to get an account as a new organization, but if you are honest and describe your situation -- most of them will help you out.

Local Bike Shops

If you can't get a distributor account, contact your local bike shop (LBS) and explain what you are trying to do and that you would like to place distributor orders through them. The best they can do is usually cost + 10%, this helps them cover shipping, staff time and taxes. Not only do you get parts at a discounted rate, but you are also building a very important long-term relationship. Some LBS have seen community bike shops as competitors, so it is good strategy to involve them from the beginning.

Order Policies

Once you get an account, how do you regulate it?

Free Ride

We require people to give 24 hours volunteer time every three months in order to join the collective council. The qbp privilege is a bonus for that commitment. And, it is consistent with QBP's policy, in that the people who can make personal orders are essentially the "employees" of the shop.

Ohio City Bicycle Co-op

We have a four-tier policy for all new parts purchasing (including special orders). Anyone can pay retail, members get retail -15%, members who volunteer an average of 10 hours a month get -30%, and staff, board members, and volunteers who accept special responsibilities get -45% (so we still cover shipping costs and the time we put in on ordering). We also occasionally sell to another local bike collective at a very small markup and do some discounts for clients, mostly on locks and helmets for kids' programs.

It's been this way for our whole "mature" history, and I've never seen it cause any problems. What it takes to get each discount is very clear, and only requires a certain commitment of time, not anyone's approval. It doesn't cause any grief from shops, because the total of people who can get 30% or more is probably less than 30. I'm pretty sure it's wholly compatible with all of QBP's policies, too.

Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective

Only people on our Key List can make orders.

Midway Bicycle Supply, Inc.

Requirements To Establish an Account

We are a small supplier and our specialty is to serve small, independent bicycle shops - both for-profit and non-profit. We also serve non-traditional, but legitimate bicycle businesses, such as mobile repair shops and pedicab fleets. However, we do not sell to individuals who sell bicycles out of their garages, or to hobbyists, as these entities tpically are not incorporated and don't carry liability insurance.

  1. No charge to open an account.
  2. Copy of your liability insurance certificate.
  3. Resale certificate issued by your state showing tax-exempt status and ID number
  4. Photos of your location: store front with signage, interior sales and service areas

We offer the following:

  1. A minimum order quantity of just $25 (plus shipping).
  2. Our best price on every item purchased, regardless of the quantity you buy.
  3. No minimum number of purchases in a calendar year. You order just what you need, when you need it.

We also pledge to give ten percent of all Midway Bicycle Supply's income to charity.

Most of the items that we carry are the basic parts you use every day to repair older bicycles. We don't stock many higher-end parts, because the bulk of the business at most of the smaller shops, especially the non-profits and coops, involves repairing older bicycles.


Quality Bicycle Products

Requirements To Establish an Account

  1. A current phone bill showing your company name.
  2. Proof of liability insurance binder.
  3. Pictures of your business including: storefront with signage, warehouse, retail bike department and shop/service area.
  4. A completed QBP New Dealer Application.
  5. Account candidates must demonstrate the ability to conduct themselves professionally and courteously throughout the application process
  6. Web/Mail order accounts must have a physical retail location that allows the business to serve its customers face-to-face during regular retail hours.


  • 800-346-0004 phone
  • 952-941-9391 phone
  • 952-941-9799 fax
  • 6400 W. 105th Street; Bloomington, MN 55438

J&B Importers

Requirements To Establish an Account



Euro Asia Imports

Requirements To Establish an Account


United Bicycle Parts


United Bicycle Supply


Wilson Bicycle Sales

Requirements To Establish an Account

  1. Store front in area zoned for business.
  2. Repair Department
  3. Tax ID Number
  4. Re-sale License



Requirements To Establish an Account

  • Credit Card


Cyclone Bicycle Supply

Requirements To Establish an Account

  1. A completed and signed Dealer Application
  2. Physical retail location and regular retail hours
  3. Physical business location that accepts daily deliveries in the store's name
  4. A business phone number listing verifiable through directory assistance
  5. Proof of liability insurance


  • Toll Free: 800.927.9242
  • Local: 503.226.0696
  • Fax: 503.226.0824
  • 135 SE Main St.; Portland OR 97214