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SLCBC BikeEd 2007 Marketing RFP

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Request for Proposal:


Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective


BikeEd Marketing will be a three phase process, creating the messages, picking the appropriate media messages, and finally purchasing that media.

Scope of work

Develop, present, execute, and evaluate marketing plan

Develop media messages to address specific audiences

  • Media message should market the League of American Bicyclists' BikeEd program
  • Media messages concepts to be developed in collaboration with Bicycle Collective.
  • Develop and present marketing plan with message and appropriate media types.

Set up media schedules

  • Based on marketing plan, broker media schedules for radio, print, billboards and TV with an ideal start date of May 1st. If media will suffer as a result of a tight deadline, advise another one.
  • Provide quotes and budget with range of time/space
  • Pending Bicycle Collective approval, execute media schedules.

End-of-Year report on project

  • Provide a detailed report of all completed media schedules. This should answer when, duration, location for each media item.
  • Evaluate success of media type as ROI, audience response
  • Provide recommendations to improve marketing strategy

2007 Schedule

March 19 Deadline for review of proposals

March 26 Project start date.

April 6 Message concepts developed and ready to implement

April ? Media schedules prepared and ready to execute

May 1 Advertising campaign begins for all media

November 4 End-of-Seasion meeting to review success


Please send proposal and direct inquiries to:

Jonathan Morrison

Salt Lake City Bicycle Collective
PO Box 2400
Salt Lake City, UT 84110
801-328-2453 work
801-688-0183 cell
801-466-3856 fax