BikeBike Southeast 2009/How to Stock Your Shop

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Notes from the BikeBike Southeast 2009 How to Stock Your Shop workshop

Shop Supplies: Lubes, Tires, Cables, Tubes


  • cable locks
  • bulk chain
  • padlocks


  • local fire dept

Tools vital for starting a shop

  • chain breakers
  • wrenches
  • personal tools
  • freewheel tools
  • crank arm tools
  • workstands
  • calipers and/or spoke rulers (with bearing gauge)
  • separate tool bags w/ complete tool sets
  • multi-hex tool

Bike parts to start

  • local organizations
    • big donations
  • [ Craigslist] ask for parts
  • dumpsters
  • apartment complexes
  • university complexes / university police
  • word of mouth
  • bike/parts pickups
  • local cycling clubs (invite them in to the shop)
  • put a specific wish list on your website
  • scrap metal collectors
  • local clean-up / trash amnesty
  • explain shopping lists
  • buy cables and housing
    • suggested donations (i.e. $1/ ft or cable)

After / Farther Down the Line

  • truing stands
    • arrange spoke wrenches small -> large to prevent spoke stripping
  • DIY taps
    • file an old pedal bolt to look like a tap; will work a few times before wearing out
  • derailleur hanger tool
  • crank puller
  • frame aligner for dropouts
  • headset press
  • welder for metal working
    • grinder
  • bench vice
  • parts washer
    • put a magnet in the bottom to collect metal junk
    • clean & reuse the solvent with a coffee filter
  • dispenser bottles for bulk lube, cleaners
    • or at least non-aerosol lubes (cheaper, kids don't enjoy spraying as much)
  • hand cleaner
  • cone wrenches
  • more freewheel tools
  • cheater bars (make from bike frame piece, etc)
  • separate specialty tools
  • radio
    • but not a piano
  • coffee maker


  • hardware store partnerships
  • soaps
  • lubes
  • degreasers
  • get donated from wish list
  • corporate donations to non-profits

Make your own repair stands

  • DIY clothes hanger
  • Freeride Pittsburgh has diagrams
  • DIY scissor stand holds front hub & bottom bracket
  • huge vice grip pliers as a stand clamp
    • C-clamp vice grips
  • no-weld workstands from Instructables
  • old car trunk bike racks mounted to walls
  • car bike racks left on peoples' cars when they visit


  • recycle metals
  • art schools
  • cut up old frames & practice welding
  • ship old tubes to people who make stuff (in Oregon?)
  • make wallet, change purses from tubes
  • rear triangle stool (Freeride Pittsburgh to provide specs)
  • use old wheels/rims to hang parts/tools
  • use spokes to hang kids' wheels / helmets
  • use half drop bars to hang bikes (smash end flat with bench vice to bolt to wall)
  • angle down hooks so they don't break off
  • old rags & bike shop / auto shops
    • dumpsters, old shirts
  • bottle opener made from old cassette
  • belt from old tires
  • jewelery
  • storage
    • complete bikes - turn handlebars & remove pedals
    • use pallets to make 2 levels
    • stack bike 2 high by using plywood between layers
  • use forks as racks
  • fix old allen wrenches with a Dremel (cut off rounded-off tip; shaft becomes new tip)
  • make a spoke driver by cutting the center out of a flat head screwdriver tip


  • Official letters w/ wish list
    • use letterhead, graphics for professional appearance
    • for socialization
  • make a mini-tent from a tarp