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February 2016 Wiki Contest

From Bike Collectives Wiki

February 2016 Love our Wiki Contest!

Welcome! This contest was inspired by a Google Trend result which indicated that November through February are the slowest months for a bike shop. That makes February a great time to show some love for the Bike Collectives Wiki! This contest was also inspired by an email on the Think Tank in which somebody pointed out that the amazing resource that is the community bike shops list page was out of date.

Here's a guide on contributing to this wiki: How should I get started

If you need ideas

You can take a look at the list of STUBS and the list of the shortest pages, just pick an article and make it more populated with interesting facts and data.

Here are the top most wanted pages!

    • All of these pages are blank and may not be appropriate for a beginner wiki editor. However, they may also be a little less intimidating since often anything is better than nothing. Don't forget to add {{Template:Stub}}

You can also post whatever information you think is relevant and useful. Make your first edit, start a new article, or edit an existing article.

If none of those are your style, perhaps try clicking "random page" at the top right until you find something that piques your interests!

The Grand Prize

One fair trade chocolate bar each will be sent to two top editors of the bike collectives wiki in the month of February. Anywhere in the world.

The sender of the chocolate will be considering both the (subjective) quality and (objective) quantity of edits made during the month of February. There is a chocolate bar each for:

top editor of anywhere on this wiki


top editor of the Community Bicycle Organizations page

Mid-Contest Update

Think Tank Archived Email - posted February 19, 2016


Top Editor: Eugene raced into the lead halfway through the month and then stayed there.  A new editor with a background in wikis, they hopped right in to the thick of things, cleaning up edits, making new pages (with a focus on gender inclusivity), welcoming new users, and more!
Top Editor of the Community Bicycle Organizations page: Recumbent Rider took advantage of their time difference to make edits early, January 31st PST but February 1 Australia time, and made the Australia section more comprehensive and up-to-date.


This is a pun on "runners up". It means you didn't win a chocolate bar, but your wiki edits were noteworthy. Thank you for your awesome contributions.


to everyone who edited the wiki and/or added to the Community Bike Shops page this month!

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